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Hey i just wanted to comment on the last part of your post referring to part where Jesus told them to “Go”.
I have been reading Acts lately about just the power these disciples had to the point where they were actually doing "greater works than these". I am always amazed by the faith of these men that they heal the blind, cast out demons, and so on. I am amazed that they spoke in front of multitudes and thousands were baptized and began speaking in tongues. Then I begin to wonder "Why am i so astonished?" Jesus said you shall perform "greater works than these" and he meant it. As you said, he has given us all authority in heaven and earth.
I pray the Lord’s Prayer every day but never really thought about what I was saying. "On Earth as it is in Heaven" is not just a meaningless phrase. It means that we are kingdom people and should stay kingdom minded. We shouldn't accept something inferior because it happens to come our way. Wherever Peter walked he changed the atmosphere because that's what he saw happen wherever Jesus walked. He followed Jesus for years but once Jesus ascended into heaven, he didn't remain a follower. He, as you put it, "Put on Christ". His entire mindset was changed knowing that he could bring Heaven down to earth and had the power of heaven to back him up. So, I said all that to say that though I still am amazed by the power of the Holy Ghost in Acts I am even more excited and overwhelmed that we as Christians who are co-heirs with Christ will do even greater works.
What I've learned lately and have been working on is that I have to change my mindset. I have to remind myself that Christ truly is more than enough. Essentially, I could sit on the sidelines and just encourage my brethren to go out on the streets and minister while living a quiet simple life. But I have been called deeper. I have experienced the aspect of my God that is just endless love. I have known him as the lover of my soul and it is wonderful!! But with Acts I am learning there are so many sides to him. He is Fire! He is Powerful! He is Jealous! When you combine all those together you see in the books of Acts that thousands become wrecked by the Holy Spirit and it is glorious! That's what I long to see and experience! It has come to the point that I can't be satisfied with my situation and can ignore the call any longer to just testify to the world Who Jesus IS. I'm not just a follower, for that is just one aspect of being a Christian. I follow His example but as a person who has Christ dwelling in them, I am a doer of his will, meaning I have the power of the Greater One inside of me to change the atmosphere and command the situation to change until it is ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.


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Dang girl, PREACH THAT!!!!

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